how do i start my own makeup brand?

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Creative control

Creative control Low-cost in-house cosmetics brands give you total creative control. You don't need to be constrained by funds, you can shape product features as you like and display a personalized brand image. This advantage puts unlimited creative possibilities in your hands to create unique and engaging products that appeal to a wider customer base

low risk investment

Establishing a private cosmetics brand has lower start-up costs and less risk than traditional entrepreneurship because you can choose to produce in small batches and gradually scale up.

Never too late to have your own brand!



Create Your Makeup Brand in 4 Easy Steps

Choose Samples

We offer the easiest way to order makeup samples. You can test both makeup formulas and cosmetics packaging.

Design & Order

Pick the makeup products you like for your beauty brand and start ordering. We will show you how goods are packed and printed.


After confirming your samples and design, we will start producing your cosmetics. The process will take as fast as ONE week.


You can select from various shipping methods, such as shipping by air, by sea and by train. Price and shipping period are different.

cosmetic manufacturing company advantages

Guangzhou Cuidai: Quality cosmetics, low MOQ, fast, profitable business growth.

Lowest MOQ

We offer a full range of cosmetics at the lowest market minimum.

Fastest Production Time private label cosmetic manufacturers

Customized delivery takes 15 days, and the fastest is 3 days. Year-on-year order return, the fastest is 1 day for re-production.

High Quality Formula & Packaging

The formulas are developed together with professional makeup artists and have been tested in many markets. All are vegan and cruelty free.

High Profit Margin & Fast Turnaround

Most private label lipstick manufacturers buyers can sell items at a markup of at least 3 cents and reorder every month

What We Offer Exceeds Your Expectations

Comprehensive customization services to meet procurement needs of different purchase scales

Private Label Line

Perfect for small brands or start-up business. Test target market first.
Start from $500
  • No Minimum Order QuantityItem #1
  • No Price Minimum
  • Quick Ordering Process
  • Fast Production
  • High-quality Formulas
  • Various Packaging Options

Partially Bespoke Development

Good choice for growing business. Want more customization in packaging.
Normally start from $3000
  • Competitive Price
  • Quick Ordering Process
  • Fast Production
  • High-quality Formulas
  • More customized packaging options

OEM Contract Manufacturing

Good choice for big business. Create own formulas and packaging.
Quotation specifically offered
  • Very competitive price
  • High profit margin
  • Custom cosmetics formula
  • Custom packaging design
  • High order quantity
  • Longer production period

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