YUNX Cosmetics is a leading OEM/ODM cosmetics manufacturer with over 10 years of industry manufacturing experience. We provide comprehensive makeup solutions, ranging from eye cosmetics to lip makeups. At YUNX Global Brands, we offer customizable formulas tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re seeking innovative formulas or distinctive packaging designs, we strive to create the ideal solution that caters to your brand’s vision. With our extensive expertise and commitment to quality, YUNX Cosmetics is the trusted partner for businesses seeking outstanding OEM/ODM cosmetics services.

Custom Develop And Produce Your Formula

YunxCosmetics stands out as a premier choice in private label cosmetics manufacturing, specializing in custom development and production of unique makeup formulas. We craft each product to embody your brand’s vision, offering unparalleled expertise in creating distinctive cosmetic solutions. Choose YunxCosmetics for innovation and excellence in makeup formulation.

Powder Makeup
Lip gloss cosmetic
Oil-based makeup
Custom Cosmetic Packaging

YunxCosmetics redefines Custom Cosmetic Packaging, focusing on unique, tailor-made designs that elevate your brand. Our packaging solutions are crafted to perfectly match your cosmetics, combining aesthetic appeal with practical innovation. Choose YunxCosmetics for packaging that’s as distinct and impressive as your products.

Cosmetics Tubes & Jars & Palettes
Paper Boxes & Packages

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

YunxCosmetics combines eco-innovation with beauty in our eyebrow pencil wholesale. Each pencil reflects our commitment to the planet, crafted with sustainable materials and packaged eco-consciously. Choose Yunx for beauty that cares for the earth.



Lab Capabilities

Quality Check System

Quality Check System

Stringent quality control measures ensure the highest standards in our products

Raw Material Management

Efficient management of raw materials guarantees the use of premium ingredients.

R&D Team

A dedicated R&D team that continuously innovatesto deliver cutting-edge cosmetic solutions

Sourcing Capability

Extensive network and expertise in sourcing high-quality materials and packages

Makeup Trend Insights

Stay ahead of the latest trends with our comprehensive understanding of the cosmetics

Customer-oriented Attitude

A commitment to meeting customer needs and providing exceptional service


We possess a robust oem cosmetics production line, state-of-the-art equipment, and skilled assembly line workers to ensure that your orders are promptly and efficiently produced, guaranteeing timely delivery right into your hands.

In a span of just ONE YEAR, our production capabilities enable us to deliver an immense quantity of:

7,000,000 eyeshadows

6,000,000 lipsticks, and

6,000,000 foundations

60 Powder Press Machines

12 Blending Machines

13 Auto-filling Machines

What We Offer Exceeds Your Expectations

Comprehensive customization services to meet procurement needs of different purchase scales

Private Label Line

Perfect for small brands or start-up business. Test target market first.
Start from $500
  • No Minimum Order QuantityItem #1
  • No Price Minimum
  • Quick Ordering Process
  • Fast Production
  • High-quality Formulas
  • Various Packaging Options

Partially Bespoke Development

Good choice for growing business. Want more customization in packaging.
Normally start from $3000
  • Competitive Price
  • Quick Ordering Process
  • Fast Production
  • High-quality Formulas
  • More customized packaging options

OEM Contract Manufacturing

Good choice for big business. Create own formulas and packaging.
Quotation specifically offered
  • Very competitive price
  • High profit margin
  • Custom cosmetics formula
  • Custom packaging design
  • High order quantity
  • Longer production period
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Customized beauty products

Leave us a message and we will provide you with the perfect custom beauty product solution.