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  •  As your personal makeup palette maker,
    our customized makeup palette service lets every choice you make be filled with creativity.
    As a unique palette creator, select from an array of colors to create a palette that’s entirely yours.

Come and customize makeup palette to make it yours



Explore and select the right formulas and packaging for your brand. Test various samples to find your best match.


Choose from our range of high-quality eyeshadows and select the perfect packaging. We'll assist in finalizing your color palette.


Collaborate with our design team to perfect your custom packaging design. Option for prototyping is available.


Once the design is confirmed, we handle production and quality control, ensuring timely delivery of your products.

build your own palette

  • Wholesale Cosmetics, Tailored for You: Wondering where to buy cosmetics wholesale? Look no further! Our ‘Build Your Own Palette’ service offers an extensive range of wholesale cosmetics options, perfect for both personal use and retail.

  • Personalized Customization: From a wide range of color options to unique packaging designs, we offer extensive customization services to ensure your product stands out in the market.

  • Quality and Variety Combined: Choose from a myriad of colors and finishes. Our high-quality, long-lasting eyeshadows range from mattes and shimmers to glitters and satins, ensuring your palette is as diverse as your creativity.

  • Bulk Orders Made Easy: Ideal for businesses and makeup artists, our bulk ordering system is streamlined for efficiency. Get premium quality at wholesale prices, with the convenience of customizing each palette to suit your clientele’s preferences.

private label eyeshadow palette

  1. Product Quality and Variety: The template emphasizes high-end formulas, a range of finishes, and strong pigmentation, which are key selling points for eyeshadows.

  2. Ethical Considerations: Mentioning that the products are cruelty-free, vegan, and paraben-free addresses growing consumer concerns about ethical and health aspects of cosmetics.

  3. Texture and Color Quality: Describing the eyeshadow as having a “softer, velvety texture” and “richer, more decadent color” effectively creates a luxurious image.

  4. Regulatory Compliance: Stating compliance with EU and FDA regulations assures customers of the product’s safety and quality standards.

  5. Cruelty-free, gluten-free, EU and FDA compliant


talc free eyeshadow manufacturer

empty makeup palette png

custom eyeshadow palette with pictures and names

40colors professional eyeshadowpalettes

How It Works: 4 Easy Steps

Choose Samples

We offer the easiest way to order makeup samples. You can test both makeup formulas and cosmetics packaging.

Design & Order

Pick the makeup products you like for your beauty brand and start ordering. We will show you how goods are packed and printed.


After confirming your samples and design, we will start producing your cosmetics. The process will take as fast as ONE week.


You can select from various shipping methods, such as shipping by air, by sea and by train. Price and shipping period are different.

design your own makeup palette

Custom Designed . Various Shape And Size . Embossed Logo On Eyeshadow & Palette

Private Labeling FAQs​

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We offer customized services to meet your specific needs. Whether it is the development of specific formulations or the design of unique packaging, we can provide professional solutions to help your products stand out in the market.

Most products are NO MOQ needed for labeling. Products with complex printing may have requirements on MOQ. Feel free to contact us for details.

Whether it is a small batch of special orders, or large-scale market supply, our production line can be flexibly adjusted to quickly respond to your needs. Our efficient production processes and optimized supply chain management ensure timely delivery of high-quality products while maintaining cost efficiency.

Our factory has advanced production lines and an experienced team of employees to ensure that large orders can be processed efficiently. We regularly evaluate our production processes to ensure maximum production efficiency and product quality

By optimizing our production processes and supply chain management, we are able to offer competitive prices while maintaining high quality. Our goal is to provide you with the best value and help your business grow.

Quality is our primary commitment. Our products go through a strict quality control process to ensure that every product meets international safety and quality standards. Our continuous quality control ensures the consistency and reliability of our products and wins customers

Our factory holds GMPc and ISO22716 certificates. We are working with 3rd testing institutes such as SGS and Intertek for preparing testing and certificates as you require.

Our customer service team is always ready to communicate with you to ensure a quick and accurate response to your every need. We believe that close partnership is the key to success

We understand the importance of design and formulation and are committed to the highest level of confidentiality and protection of all our customers’ intellectual property rights. Your ideas and products are absolutely safe here.

Yes, as a cosmetic manufacturer, we can develop our own cosmetic formulations or samples as a benchmark according to your requirements. Our lab can produce samples for you within 3-7 days.


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